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Goat industry leads world-first research

Goat industry leads world-first research

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Ian Proudfoot

Global Head of Agribusiness, Partner - Audit

KPMG in New Zealand


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[16 September/Farmers Weekly]

New Zealand’s dairy goat industry is initiating world-leading research to generate scientific evidence about consumption of goat milk infant formula from sustainable farm systems. The research is one outcome of the Caprine Innovations NZ partnership (CAPRINZ). CAPRINZ, through clinical trials and on-farm research, aims to build a portfolio of reliable science-based information about goat milk infant formula products for health professionals advising clients or patients on feeding options when exclusive breast-feeding is not feasible. End goals include providing information based on sound science around goat milk formula, growing research and farming capability and increasing export revenue across the NZ dairy goat milk industry to $400 million per annum by 2023.

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