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Forging the future: Embracing fintech to evolve and grow

Forging the future with fintech

Our global survey and report explores how global financial institutions are designing strategies and adopting fintech innovation, as well as best practices for forging the path ahead.


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The fintech imperative

Fintech is one of the biggest disruptors of our time for financial institutions. Whether it is providing new ways to enhance the customer experience, make service delivery more cost effective, or improve the efficiency of back-office functions – the myriad fintech solutions are rapidly reinventing the value chain. The challenge for many financial institutions is determining the best way to embrace the fintech imperative given their unique strategic vision and business objectives.

To better understand how companies are evolving to meet the new digital paradigm, we conducted a survey of 168 financial institutions from 36 countries worldwide, and interviewed executives from leading financial institutions and our financial services professionals, on how companies are embracing fintech when the very definition of fintech is constantly changing.

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