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Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

KPMG’s Banking & Finance team help organisations to navigate through the increasingly complex environment

Banks need to think and act both within New Zealand and across borders.

KPMG’s Banking & Finance team are heavily involved across the sector, working with both small and large banking institutions and New Zealand’s finance companies.  This experience, together with relationships with prudential and market regulators and key industry bodies, ensures KPMG can help organisations meet challenges head on, offering a broad range of services and advice.

KPMG is the author of the Financial Institutions Performance Survey (FIPS), the eminent sector publication for Banking & Finance, focussing on performance in the sector and areas of development and focus.

How we can help

  • external and internal audit
  • corporate tax management and specialist tax services
  • risk management advisory services
  • capital adequacy and liquidity management
  • regulatory compliance, assurance and implementation
  • anti-money laundering (AML) and fraud risk management services
  • cyber risk management
  • productivity improvements and operating model transformation
  • customer and channel analytics, design and management
  • digital strategy design, including cognitive technology
  • foresight and innovation
  • mergers, acquisitions and divestments

Contact one of our team below to talk about how we can assist you.

Audit servicesJohn Kensington, Jamie Munro, Graeme Edwards, Matt Prichard, Brent Manning, Peter Taylor

Tax servicesRachel Piper

Risk, regulatory & AML advisory servicesGodfrey Boyce, Ceri Horwill, Gareth Pindred, Philip Whitmore

Customer & strategy advisory servicesDylan Marsh, Steve Graham, Karl Arndt, Tuhi Isaachsen

Deal Advisory services Gary Ivory, Justin Ensor