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Funding for growth

Building Nations Symposium 2017 with Stephen Beatty

26 October 2017 - 27 October 2017, 9:00AM - 5:00PM, NZST

Leveraging private capital for infrastructure

Hundreds of infrastructure projects that would make a meaningful difference to people’s lives are stuck in the pipeline in New Zealand. Stephen Beatty, KPMG’s Head of Global Cities, has the ideas and experience to help bring the projects and funding together.

New Zealand needs fresh ways to pay for infrastructure to get its cities and growing towns humming, according to Stephen Selwood of Infrastructure New Zealand. Infrastructure New Zealand hosts the Building Nations Symposium in Wellington on 26–27 October, which this year focuses on finding new solutions for infrastructure challenges.

“Investing in infrastructure means less congestion, more affordable homes, better quality water, and resilient energy systems. It’s clear that New Zealand needs to accelerate the level of investment, especially in our growth regions.

”Drawing on over 30 years’ of experience advising both public and private sector clients across six continents, KPMG’s Stephen Beatty shared with Symposium delegates his toolkit of internationally-tested ideas to help match projects with the money to fund them. 

KPMG New Zealand’s Jesse Phillips, who has worked on multiple international projects with customised financing, says traditional ways to pay for projects aren’t working. Local and central governments are struggling to work out how to pay for assets and services that need to be delivered. 

We’ve collated a range of reports outlining what we’re observing globally with regard to such complex infrastructure challenges, including practical advice drawn from hands-on local experience and deep sector expertise. Take a look at them here

If you’d like to continue the conversation, please get in touch with a member of our New Zealand infrastructure team: 

Adrian Wimmers | Jesse Phillips | Simon Hunter


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Images from the Building Nations Symposium 2017

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