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Our people

Our people

We can tell you all about what we offer at KPMG, but it’s best to hear from people who currently work here

We can tell you all about what we offer at KPMG,best to hear it from our past graduates.

Olivia Adams Audit Auckland

Olivia joined KPMG in early 2015 as a Graduate in our Corporate Audit team having completed a Bachelors of Commerce Degree (Majoring in Accounting and Business Management) at the University of Auckland.

Why Audit?
Every day is different; you’re out at different client sites, in different industries getting to meet different people and working on a team. There’s a great team culture in Audit, we all support each other, and every individual has a performance manager who you can turn to for anything. We’ve got the people partner who is also very approachable.

Biggest Achievement so far?
Definitely being in charge of an audit in my second year which is rare.

I really enjoy the social aspects of KPMG, the social club which I’m part of and also the monthly partners shout drinks which is another opportunity to talk and get to know different people in the firm, including Ross Buckley the Chairman who will actually approach you, know your name and just have great conversations on a Friday evening!

What’s Next?
Opportunities I am looking forward to the most would be a secondment opportunity. Being part of Audit there is the potential to travel with the firm and work in different offices around the world.

Chris Carrington Tax Auckland

Why Tax?
I actually started out doing my law degree, thinking I was going to work in criminal law but I did a couple of elective papers in tax, and discovered a real passion for tax. 

Biggest Achievement so far?
I work on applications in the R&D Grant field, with start-up businesses working in the innovation sector. Just seeing those go from the initial meetings to the submission stage is quite fulfilling, so that’s been really exciting.

The induction process in Grad Camp was a real surprise to me, it really confirmed that KPMG was the right firm. When I found out that our grad camp was going to be held at the marae the firms values really aligned with the values that I hold, all about looking after each other, communication, caring for the environment. It really confirmed to me that KPMG was the right choice

KPMG Culture?
I’m encouraged to celebrate who I am and celebrate my culture as well. I’m really lucky in that I’ve been given a responsibility to organise a Kapa Haka group who meet fortnightly at work, and that’s really heartening to feel like the firm’s behind me and what I’m interested in and my values.

Gautam Dewan Advisory Wellington

Gautam joined KPMG in New Zealand after completing a Master’s Degree in Professional Accounting at the University of Waikato. Prior to that he’d worked for KPMG in India. Gautam works in our Risk Consulting Team where he works across a wide range of industries

Why Consulting?
Consulting has a really big variety of jobs we do. It’s like walking into a classroom every single day and learning a whole new subject. In the consulting field we do not deal with problems which are taught out of a textbook, there’s a new problem which every different industry and every different business faces, so obviously the solutions have to be unique and tailor-made for that particular business

Biggest Challenges?
Coming from an accounting background, I wasn’t sure whether I have the creative edge in me. When I discovered the creative side of me I was kind of surprised and proud of myself at the same time. KPMG let me unlock the creative side of myself.

Outside of work?
Gautam loves his new home city of Wellington having spent some time in the Waikato whilst at University. Gautam is a demon soccer player and is part of a KPMG team that at the time of writing are unbeaten for the season. When you see him on campus be sure to see if this is still the case!

Tyler Rickard Enterprise Tauranga

Tyler joined KPMG in 2013 after studying for a Bachelor of Business Analysis (Majoring in Accounting) at the University of Waikato where she was also involved in both Beta Alpha Psi and also the prestigious Golden Key Honour Society.

Why Enterprise?
My parents own their own business and I sort of like the idea of helping people like them, work on and improve their business. I chose Tauranga because I was originally from Katikati so Tauranga’s just a little step away and I’ve got a lot of friends and family still here so it was just sort of like coming home for me. 

How did you find the recruitment process?
When I first heard about the recruitment process, the thought of it was a little bit daunting. I sort of thought that we were just going to be thrown in the deep end and expected to know all of this stuff but they walk you through everything so you’re well prepared for what you’ve got to do and it’s a great opportunity just to meet a whole lot of staff from KPMG so you get a bit of a feel for what you’re getting into.

What is the Tauranga Office like?
We’ve got a really great team culture here in Tauranga. We have a midyear party where we all dress up in a theme and we have boardroom bashes throughout the year. On a Friday night we do different things so around the time of the Olympics we did an Olympic themed boardroom bash with different events like discus and shot put, that we all sort of try our best to compete in and I think that creates a really great team environment, everyone gets on really well and they’re really supportive and it just helps everyone to bond better.

What would your top tip be for someone who joins KPMG?
I think my top tips for anyone joining would be to take all of the opportunities you can. Everyone is really happy to push your career and help you get ahead. If you tell people about it then they’ll open up opportunities for you.

Tom Oh Audit Christchurch

Tom joined KPMG in 2015 having studied a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Majoring in Accounting and Taxation) at the University of Canterbury. Tom moved to New Zealand from Malaysia when he was 5 and has grown up in Canterbury and feels a real affinity for the region.

Why Audit?
Audit kind of gives you a good foundation of many different industries and businesses. We’ve got quite a wide client base from banks to agriculture. You kind of get to understand different industries other than focusing on one. 

What do you look for when you help the campus team with recruitment and how does that follow on once you start with us?
I’ve helped out at a few events with our Recruitment team, you meet new people and you look out for the people who seem confident and who want to be there. So my advice would be just put yourself out there, don’t be shy, and get involved. 
A few of the things I learnt quite quickly when I started is to go around, say Hi to everyone, and introduce yourself. Everyone’s friendly here, everyone’s nice, they’re more than happy to have a chat to you by the printer or the water cooler. Get involved and you’ll fit in well!

Outside of work?
Christchurch is great city for social life and sport.  The social aspect is probably the best part of KPMG. When I first started I got put on the social club committee which is good.  We do awesome things like paintballing and go-karting on the weekends and then casual beers after work, it’s a bit like a big family rather than work environment.
I am also a very active person, I regularly work out at the gym and enjoy playing rugby for Ohoka Sports Club. You’ll also see me on the golf course from time to time and am an avid NRL fan.

Josh Milne Christchurch Tax

Josh joined KPMG after University in Dunedin where he studied a Bachelor of Commerce (Majoring in Accounting and Finance).
Having grown up in Christchurch he returned after varsity and works in our growing Canterbury tax practice. Josh met us at a campus visit and struck up a rapport with one of our tax directors who kept an eye out for him during the recruitment process.

Why Tax?
I chose Tax because there’s quite a diverse range of issues and clients come to us with different areas of focus and you’ve kind of got to change your thinking quite a lot. There’s a compliance side to our work and a consulting side, so we’ll do sort of the compliance side, being your tax returns and then the consulting side is where they’ll come to us with a specific issue or challenge or something they don’t know about and then we’ll go and advise on that

Top tips for the recruitment process?
I really enjoyed the people I met at KPMG and everyone seemed really nice and open and honest and I really enjoyed that so decided to join in! I think it’s important at the different recruitment events or if KPMG are on campus to really make an effort to go and talk to someone and go and try and form an early relationship, I did and it certainly helped.

What’s the support network like particularly for study?
There are a number of graduates in the Christchurch office this year. Most of us are studying together or are on the same sort of path through Chartered Accountancy. We all study for different quizzes and assessments and collaborate ideas and questions and what we think is going to be examined and things like that; works pretty well I think.