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Your development

Your development

Work and learning are indispensable to each other and at KPMG NZ we have a 70:20:10 learning culture.

Work and learning are indispensable to each other and at KPMG NZ

This model provides a framework for thinking outside the traditional mind-set that learning only occurs in classes and courses.   Hands-on experience accounts for about 70% of opportunity for employee development as it enables discovery and the ability to refine job-related skills, make decisions, address challenges and interact with various people.  Learning ‘on the job’ also means applying learning from training events and social activities.  Another great way to learn is from coaching, feedback and working with others.  About 20% of this opportunity is about learning from ‘people’ through building relationships with your colleagues and clients.  Remarkably, only 10% of what we learn occurs through formal training such as classrooms, workshops, eLearning etc, which is actually only effective if we apply that learning ‘on the job.’

At KPMG NZ you will be supported throughout your development journey. Our purpose is to provide engaging and relevant learning experiences that empower and enable KPMG to fuel the prosperity of NZ.

We develop confident, capable, and resilient people who drive KPMG to be the clear choice for clients.