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We're excited to publish our 2019 KPMG New Zealand CEO Outlook report. Our report is compiled in conjunction with insights from the Global KPMG CEO Outlook report that interviews over 1,300 CEOs worldwide. We hone in on the responses of 50 leading New Zealand CEOs.

New Zealand CEOs confident but cautious approach to growth

In an increasingly turbulent world, it’s more important than ever for New Zealand businesses to look to the future and challenge ourselves to grow. 

Our survey shows some heartening results. New Zealand CEOs are confident in the growth prospects for their organisation (almost 90% of CEOs) and industry and country (78% of CEOs). However,  the majority of New Zealand CEOs expect revenue growth of less than 2% over the next three years.

CEO Outlook

How can CEOs address talent challenges identified in the report?

Our survey shows that compared to our global peers, New Zealand CEOs have significantly less confidence in the availability of critical skills in digital transformation, sustainability, and cyber security.

Read more to find out how you can address capability challenges and talent gaps in your organisation.

Part of our DNA is about being New Zealanders and having a strong sense of place and responsibility, where aspirations for our firm, our clients, and our country are intertwined. A growth mind-set is essential - without it we don't create opportunities, embrace change and contribute to New Zealand's prosperity.

Godfrey Boyce
Chief Executive
KPMG New Zealand