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The Big Hoot Auckland 2018

The Big Hoot

KPMG is a proud sponsor of The Big Hoot.

KPMG is a proud sponsor of The Big Hoot.

KPMG is proud to be an official sponsor of the Haier Big Hoot, a fantastic interactive art trail and charity fundraising event, presented by Child Cancer Foundation in partnership with Wild in Art. The Haier Big Hoot is currently Auckland’s biggest ever public art trail. The project is aiming to raise funds that enable Child Cancer Foundation to continue their amazing work; supporting children and their families impacted by cancer.

The Haier Big Hoot runs from 3 March to 6 May, with 47 owls designed by local artists located throughout Auckland forming a city-wide trail, along with 60 baby owlets designed by school children, including the kids at our KPMG Auckland partner school, Edmund Hillary in Papakura.

KPMG has our very own owl, Full Moon Ruru, designed by Bernie Harfleet and Donna Turtle Sarten, which is taking pride of place opposite the KPMG offices in Viaduct Harbour Avenue. Full Moon Ruru was inspired by the forests of the Waitakere Ranges, where owls calls can be heard through the night.

The conclusion of the project will see the 47 owls put to auction on Tuesday 29 May, with the proceeds donated to Child Cancer Foundation.

Donate here to support this amazing initiative.

For more information, check out The Big Hoot website where you'll find the trail map and details about sponsors and artists.