KPMG are committed to fuelling New Zealand's prosperity for the shared wealth and lasting wellbeing for all New Zealanders

This is more than a goal – it’s a reason for being. It’s driven by our overarching passion for New Zealand’s prosperity and our desire to stand for something that is truly inspiring and worth working towards. It’s something we’re proud of and is something we want to share with you.

More and more, we are recognising that the really successful businesses of tomorrow will be those that stand for a higher purpose. They will be those that make a contribution not only to their shareholders, but also to their people, their communities and the country as a whole.

These businesses will stand out and be able to rally the support of their customers and consumers without having to demand it.

From our work across the country with organisations large and small, private and public, not-for-profit and for profit, we know New Zealand enterprises and organisations are seeking greater value and new ways to transform a rapidly changing environment into new opportunities. We see this every day.

We believe that by helping New Zealand’s enterprises succeed, the public sector to do better and our communities to grow, our country will also succeed and prosper.

You will see KPMG people proudly championing and doing more to fuel prosperity for our country through a wide range of initiatives, including:

  • bringing greater energy and effort to supporting New Zealand enterprises build, protect and realise value
  • investing heavily in building more business leaders within and beyond KPMG across New Zealand
  • supporting the public sector to drive for better results for all New Zealanders
  • doing more than ever to close the emerging gap between the haves and have-nots in New Zealand through our national communities programme
  • dedicating greater focus to helping key growth sectors achieve their potential and deliver real, sustainable prosperity.

You will also see us doing more to drive the debate about how best to unlock our nation’s potential and fuel prosperity for everyone.

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