Local community involvement

Local community involvement

At KPMG, our engagement with communities across the country is locally-driven through partnership with low decile schools.

KPMG's local involvement is driven through partnership with low decile schools.

At KPMG, our engagement with communities across the country is locally-driven. The cornerstone of our local community involvement is our partnership with low decile schools in each of our office locations. Read about our local stories below.

Springboard Trust

KPMG first partnered with Springboard Trust in 2016 to help principals build their leadership and strategic planning skills, supporting better educational outcomes for schools and their students.

We have had over 20 of our senior people working alongside principals as part of the Trust’s Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme (SLPP), acting as a coach to school leaders to create and implement more effective strategic plans for their schools.

KPMG has also worked with Springboard Trust to provide additional support, as they strive to increase their impact across a wider range of schools. This has included providing learning sessions across the country, the annual audit, help developing their IT systems and providing venues and facilities for workshops.

Merivale School

A decile 1 school, based in Merivale, Tauranga with a roll of 140, the school caters for children in Years 1-6. The language of instruction in five of the classrooms is English and they work together as the Aratika team. The other two classrooms form a Maori medium unit, Nga Hau e Wha. One of these classrooms teaches in 81-100% Te Reo Maori and is a rumaki (immersion) rooms. The second class which makes up this team teaches in 51-80% Te Reo Maori.

The Schools Mission Statement is to be a school that is admired for leading the way in its own unique learning models that focus on the development of the unlimited potential of its students.

Our KPMG Tauranga team have been working with Merivale since mid-2013 and are loving helping out with a roster system for breakfast club 2 days a week, donations for Christmas gifts for every child, along with resources for classrooms and sports equipment. We work with the schools staff each year to find other ways we can help out by creating a wish list and working through it. Our Tauranga people are loving the opportunity to be a part of the school’s extended whanau.

Edmund Hillary School

Our relationship with the Papakura decile 1 school stretches back to 2007, when KPMG joined an Auckland Council initiative to connect corporates with local schools. (Originally intended as only a 3-year term, we were keen to keep going). Along with providing the Board with financial guidance, the entire firm – and several of our clients – also provide support in various ways.

Originally opened by Sir Edmund Hillary in 1963, the 158-roll decile 1 school has a motto of ‘Be Determined, Aim High’. School principal Kataraina Nock says the school is “on the cusp of a huge turnaround”, thanks to those with a vision to help realise the school’s potential. “We’ve gone from no children achieving at national standards 7 years ago; to more than 70% for Maths and Reading and 60% for Writing in 2014. We’re now aiming for 95%.”

When you learn more about Edmund Hillary School, it’s easy to see why KPMG people and EHS’s staff are passionate about helping to make a difference. Here are some of the stats:

  • 52% of the children are in CYFs care, or are at high-risk.
  • Only one family owns their own home, and few families own their own computer.
  • Many of the children come to school having had no breakfast and with no lunch.

The school provides a safe and caring sanctuary for the children – with an inspirational principal and staff, who do a wonderful job to help them aim high.

Rhode Street School

Rhode Street School is located in Dinsdale, Hamilton. It provides education for years 0 – 8 and was established in 1959. Rhode Street School prides itself on been innovative and leading edge in the education and experiences it provides to its students. The community and environment are also of huge importance to the school culture and this is experienced when you visit the school and take a tour of their grounds including all the produce grown for the school kitchen on site and the newly created ecological island containing a new science block. Rhode Street School provides a multicultural experience for its students and has families from many ethnic backgrounds.

Rhode Street School’s vision is RESPECT, LEARN, GROW and FAMILY

KPMG Hamilton and Rhode Street School formed a relationship in 2014 and the school has been really generous in letting our people to get involved with the School. Our team have spent time working around the school grounds and at Christmas time we fundraised as an office to purchase board games, chess sets and basketball hoops for the School. This year, we are excited about continuing our relationship with Rhode Street School. Their volunteer calendar is full of events which we look forward to being involved with.

Hutt Schools Initiative

In September 2014 we joined an initiative with the Hutt City Council to partner with a cluster of low decile schools in the Hutt Valley area. The partnership aims to support some of New Zealand’s most vulnerable kids by giving them the opportunities and access to services that that vast majority of New Zealander’s may take for granted.

This is a pioneering opportunity for KPMG Wellington to make a real difference to those in need and it goes hand in hand with our purpose of Fuelling New Zealand’s Prosperity. Our relationships with Pomare Primary, Avalon Intermediate, Taita College, St Michaels Primary and Taita Central School are well underway and everyone we involve in this (10 year) project is excited to help, including clients.

During the short time since we established this partnership, we donated 20 used laptops to Pomare Primary and their feedback on just how we can make a difference is clear: "This is a stunning opportunity for us and already there have been positives with regards to 1 to 1 devices for our students. The opportunities are endless and we are excited and looking forward to working with KPMG over the next 10 years."

Manaiakalani Education Trust (MET)

MET was established in 2011 to deliver the Manaiakalani Programme, an innovative digital learning approach that provides high end digital learning tools and digital citizenship to students in low decile schools. Originally started in the Tamaki area of Point England, Panmure and Glen Innes, there are now nearly 100 schools in different stages of implementing the Manaiakalani methodology.

KPMG has committed to working alongside MET, supporting Māori, Pasifika and other children in low-decile communities to enhance outcomes for these young people.

The schools and organisations KPMG New Zealand supports