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Compliance programmes and digital tools

Compliance programmes and digital tools

We provide business consulting and effective digital tools, to establish and further develop compliance programs.

We provide business consulting and effective digital tools.

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Effective compliance programs shall ensure compliance with external laws and regulations as well as internal policies and procedures incl. Code of Conduct.Depending on the risk profile of the organization and its operations, compliance programs will have a particular focus on risk areas related to anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, trade sanctions, human rights, data privacy or competition and anti-trust. Laws and regulations as well as expectations from stakeholders and society are constantly changing and increasing. This means that compliance programs that were "good enough" just a few years ago, today are considered immature.


Compliance integrated into the business processes

In the organizations with mature compliance programs, compliance is an integral part of the business processes. Such integration means that compliance risk assessments are carried out in all units and levels of the business, policies and procedures are risk-based and thus adapted to the company's risk picture, compliance procedures and controls are integrated into existing internal control frameworks and into relevant processes towards external business partners, like e.g. suppliers, agents, intermediaries, M&A targets. Other elements of an effective compliance program include adequate leadership and oversight of the program, communication and effective training, monitoring, auditing, and internal reporting mechanisms including a whistleblowing channel.
The leading companies follow up their compliance program through defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and effective reporting to corporate management and the board of directors.

Digital tools for increased efficiency

Effective compliance programs rely increasingly on the use of data analytics and digital tools to facilitate collection and analysis of relevant company's data to support compliance risk management, monitoring and reporting activities. There has been a tremendous development in this area in the recent years. KPMG has been a leading player in this area and has developed several products and solutions that help you streamline key processes in a compliance program. KPMG offers solutions and tools facilitating third party risk management, and conflict of interest monitoring.


KPMG by your side

KPMG's multidisciplinary team of compliance experts with hands-on experience from Norwegian and international organizations is here to help you. We have experience from industry, services and finance and functions such as Compliance Officer, Internal Auditor, Operational Risk Manager, Internal Investigator, CSR / Sustainability Manager and Data Protection Officer. We have diverse backgrounds and we are economists, lawyers, engineers and sociologists.
We are specialists in Norwegian ABC / AML / CTF laws and regulations, the UK Bribery Act, US FCPA and ISO 37001, and experts with extensive experience in preventive and detective activities in the area of labor law violations. We also have data privacy specialists with solid experience from both the industry and the Norwegian Data Protection Authority (Datatilsynet).

Here is a selection of our services and areas where we offer expertise:



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