Companies that have additional costs for entry quarantine for visiting employees can be covered up to NOK 1,000. per day in quarantine. The auditor or accountant must confirm information in the application about additional costs and employees. It opens for applications from 10 May.

Applications will open on 10 May

In the application portal for the Brønnøysund registers, you will find information and guidance for applicants and for auditors and accountants who must confirm applications (this is coming - not published as of 5 May).

Deadline for applications is 30 September 2021.

What the scheme covers

The scheme covers additional costs for quarantine stays during the subsidy periods:

  • November - December 2020
  •  January - February 2021
  •  March - April 2021

Grants are given at a fixed rate of NOK 1,000 per donor for each employee or contractor covered by the application.

The grant may not exceed the company's additional costs. Additional costs are defined in the regulations as costs such as costs that;

  • is related to the implementation of the quarantine stay,
  • goes beyond the costs the enterprise would normally have incurred as a result of the use of foreign or other visiting labor, and
  •  follows directly from adjustments the company has made to comply with the infection control rules.

It must be possible to accrue the additional costs within the subsidy period.

Grants can be applied for:

  1. own employees ("employees")
  2.  employees in enterprises that have assignments for the applicant and self-employed persons who have assignments for the applicant ("contractors")
  3.  when these have been in the quarantined entry quarantine during the grant period after arriving in the country to work for the applicant.

Terms of grant

  • Quarantine stays carried out at quarantine hotels are not covered
  •  As an employer or client, the company must have been responsible for the quarantine stay
  • The quarantine stays must have been carried out at a suitable place of residence in accordance with the infection control rules. The supervisory authorities are responsible for controlling infection control, and decisions on serious breaches related to infection control rules made by the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority may result in a refusal of support or a claim for repayment of support from the quarantine compensation scheme.

The following additional terms applies for the applicant:

  • Registration in the Register of Business Enterprises (Enhetsregisteret for sole proprietorships)
  • Tax liability to Norway
  • Has employees, or that income from sole proprietorships or responsible companies is the main income for the holder or participant
  •  To exercise legal activity
  •  Cannot be in bankruptcy proceedings or liquidation
  •  Auditor confirmation

The auditor or authorized public accountant shall, on the basis of control actions determined by the Brønnøysund Register Center, confirm

  •  that documentation has been prepared in accordance with the requirements in the regulations
  • the information in the application for additional costs during the grant period
  • the information in the application for quarantined work and contractors
  •  that the applicant has fulfilled the conditions of
  •  to have employees
  •  registration obligations for quarantined employees and contractors
  • compliance with deadlines for taxes and annual accounts
  •  that they are not aware that incorrect information has been provided in the application

The confirmation does not cover information about accommodation and conditions for the implementation of the quarantine in accordance with the infection control rules. This is primarily controlled by the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority.

The cost of confirmation is reimbursed with 80 percent up to NOK 15,000 per grant period, for those who are awarded a grant.

Strict documentation requirements

There must be a statement documenting the additional costs on which the application is based. The statement shall specify the costs incurred to meet the quarantine requirements. The statement shall refer to relevant accounting material.

There must be a list of the employees and contractors for whom grants are applied for. The statement shall document that the conditions associated with the employees or contractors in quarantine have been met and substantiate the information in the application. The statement must refer to relevant background documentation. It must be documented that:

  1.  the employee or contractor is to be regarded as an employee or contractor
  2. that the employee or contractor has had an employment or contractual relationship with the applicant during the grant period
  3.  that the employment or assignment relationship has resulted in travel for the individual to Norway with subsequent entry quarantine during the grant period
  4.  the organization number and name (possibly foreign registration number, company name and business address) of the company the contractor is an employee of or owner of.

For the first two grant periods, there must be a list documenting which facilities have been used to carry out the entry quarantine covered by the application. The statement shall provide information about each accommodation room that describes how the room is suitable to meet the current requirements for accommodation for the implementation of the entry quarantine.

For the subsidy period March-April 2021, new provisions apply in the covid-19 regulations, chapter 2A, that accommodation premises must be approved by the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority.