The VAT return will be based on the standard SAF-T tax codes and there will be a possibility to submit the VAT returns directly from the ERP systems. In addition to this, the tax authorities are modernizing other parts within the VAT area.

In 2019, the Norwegian tax authorities started a project to modernize the VAT system in Norway, which includes inter alia:

  1. New VAT return
  2. New return for sales and purchases

New VAT return

The current VAT return is set up with 19 boxes, which have to be filled out by the entities submitting the VAT return. The new VAT return will be more intuitive and the risk for errors shall decrease.

The new VAT return will be based on the financial accounts and the standard SAF-T tax codes will be used, opposite to the set amount of boxes that is used in the current version. This will lead to that VAT will only be reported on the tax codes where there are movements in the financial accounts, meaning that the VAT return will be customized for each entity.

The new VAT return will in addition have specific boxes where the following shall be reported:

  • Bad debt
  • Adjustments according to the VAT adjustment scheme
  • Reversals
  • Self-supplies (withdrawals)

In addition to the above it will be possible to make comments to the individual posts in the VAT return if necessary.

The submission of the new VAT return shall be possible to do directly from the ERP systems, as oppose of today where the submissions are done in Altinn.

The tax authorities expect that the testing of the new VAT return will start in Q3 2021 and that it will be implemented in 2022. 

New return for sales and purchases

In order for the tax authorities to receive additional information on the transactions between different taxpayers, it is suggested to implement a return for sales and purchases, similar to the EC Sales / Purchase Lists that is implemented in the EU.

Movements between entities will be reported in the new return and include, invoice numbers, document date, customer / vendor with name and organization number and VAT information.

This new return will however require changes in the VAT Act and the Finance Ministry is currently processing the discussion document for this change. 

What can KPMG do?

KPMG is assisting several entities with SAF-T implementation and thereby mapping of tax codes to the Norwegian standard tax codes which will be used in the new VAT return. Feel free to reach out to us for discussion both relating to SAF-T and the new VAT return and.