Norway – The government opens for major offshore wind projects

The Norwegian government opens the areas Utsira North and South North Sea II for offshore wind, the Minister of Petroleum and Energy announced June 12

The Government opens the areas Utsira North and South North Sea II for offshore wind.

Utsira North is located west of Haugesund and Stavanger, while the Southern North Sea II is located to the south of the Norwegian part of the North Sea and closer to the European market.

Utsira North

Utsira North is a suitable area for floating offshore wind situated close to land making transporting power easier. The average depth in the area is 267 meters, which is why floating offshore wind power is most relevant here. While onshore wind turbines tend to have between 2,000 and 3,000 hours of full operation per year, turbines at Utsira North are expected to operate around 4,300 hours per year.

Southern North Sea II

The average depth of the The Southern North Sea II area is 60 meters, which makes it suitable for both fixed and floating offshore wind. The area is also well located for export to Europe. Yearly operating hours are estimated to about 4,400.

Investors welcome the opening of Utsira Noth and Southern North Sea II, and are eager to invest in future Norwegian offshore wind projects.