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A Guide to Norwegian Petroleum Taxation (2011) – Key Updates February 2018

A Guide to Norwegian Petroleum Taxation (2011)

The petroleum activity on the Norwegian Continental Shelf represents a significant part of Norway’s economy, and with a 78% marginal tax rate, tax is a very important factor for the state's revenue, as well as for the companies (new article).



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View the key legislative changes (pdf) from 2011 until today (February 2018).

In addition to the legislative changes, there are constant developments within the administrative practice and court practice, especially within the area of transfer pricing.

'A Guide to Norwegian Petroleum Taxation' is aimed at companies involved in oil and gas extraction activities (E&P), for service providers to the Norwegian E&P companies, and for others taking interest in taxation of natural resources.

However, the book also covers certain key elements of the general Norwegian tax legislation as well as a very brief overview of the Petroleum law.

A print friendly version can be downloaded here (pdf).


To order a copy of the book, please contact: jan.samuelsen@kpmg.no

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