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Audit Committee Handbook

Audit Committee Handbook

KPMG Ireland has updated the Audit Committee Handbook for 2017. From my discussions with board and BACs Thore Kleppen, (KPMG Audit Committee Institute Norway) has experienced that the members seeks practical guidance in key matters on the BAC agenda. This publication from KPMG provides many answers.



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The updated handbook covers the most relevant matters, including:

  1. Establishing and sustaining a Board Audit Committee (BAC)
  2. Monitoring of reporting
  3. Risk Management and internal controls
  4. Fraud, misconduct and whistle blowing
  5. Working with internal and external audit, including the audit tender process
  6. Communication with stakeholder
  7. BAC time table and meeting planner

Read and download the publication: Audit Committee Handbook (pdf).

For more information, contact:

Thore Kleppen, Partner KPMG Norway
Audit Commitee Institute

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