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How motivated are you?

How motivated are you?

The moment an employee feels involved with the organization, it is more likely that he/she is committed to the interests of the organization.

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Besides setting a good example, the extent to which desired behaviour predominates in an organisation is related to the extent to which staff members are motivated to act in the best interest of the organisation. When staff members feel a strong commitment to the organisation, there is a greater likelihood that they will act in the best interest of the organisation, and therefore a greater likelihood that they will demonstrate desired behaviour.

Tax and Customs Administration

The level of support of employees in an organisation can be increased by being respectful towards each other, having a good atmosphere, involving staff members in decision-making and through personal contact and attention. A good example of this is the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration, which faced the problem that some people always file their annual tax returns too late. To prevent this, staff at the Tax and Customs Administration stuck handwritten post-it notes on tax letters, requesting taxpayers to file their tax return on time. After they started using the post-it notes, they noticed that tax returns were being filed in half the time, from which they concluded that personal attention has a positive effect.

Contacting journalists

A few years ago, we conducted a review at a large Dutch organisation that was experiencing a downward spiral. This was due to the fact that the organisation had repeatedly made the news in a negative way, resulting in high staff turnover and staff members contacting journalists to report incidents instead of raising them internally. In short, staff members had no confidence in the organisation. Based on the results of our review, a two-year culture programme was set up. All staff members participated in this process and the employee satisfaction surveys show there has been a positive change: staff are now proud of the organisation again and their job satisfaction has also returned.

Would you like to find out what is causing a downward spiral in your organisation? Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions; we are happy to discuss them with you.

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