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Discovering the smartest way to accelerate your corporate’s innovation

Accelerate your corporate’s innovation

We now have a model which helps you to focus your innovation strategy

Ank van Wylick

Partner Advisory, FinTech lead

KPMG Nederland


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In this fast changing world, innovation needs to become a core capability if your organization wants to stay relevant. We work with a personal and validated approach (TU/e) that is unique because of our Innovation Capability Model (IC model). It boosts impact of corporate innovation efforts by looking at all sides of innovation and providing organizational-specific focus.

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Insights in where improvement is key

Our focus is not on individual innovations, but on empowering your organization to pursue continuous innovation. At KPMG Innovation we focus specifically on stimulating organizational culture, strategy, management processes and creativity.

To this extent the KPMG Innovation Capability Model (IC model) assesses six innovation themes: vision & strategy, value network, process & governance, results & feedback, resources and culture. These themes have been derived from a thorough literature review, and have been developed in collaboration with innovation experts from research, industry and consultancy.

The last nine months, the TU/e has been validating the IC model by gathering data of ninety different organizations, and linking their scores on the model to their innovation performance. TU/e testing the model showed that there is a significant relationship between scoring higher on the assessment model, and scoring higher on innovation performance. Together, with this validated IC model, we can accurately determine how well your organization performs on innovation and guide you in your next steps in becoming more innovative.

Focused innovation effort, maximum gain

Every organization wants to be innovative. But how to get there? And how to know where to invest? We work hand in hand with the client to improve their innovation efforts. With the help of our ingenious model, we offer tangible insights on where improvement is key in reaching their own innovation goals. This means that, together with our innovation consultants you can determine the focus points and subsequently innovate successfully, in a structured way. Together with the client, we enter a program where fast insights and results play a central role through the whole progress.

With the help of our model, our innovation consultants and the client organization begin by creating a clear roadmap for improving their innovation efforts. The roadmap will also provide accountability for their efforts in accelerating innovation. And forms the basis for their future actions. A solid way to gain insights and prepare for the future on an annual basis.

For more information about the model, please contact Ank van Wylick.

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