Scaling up with data analytics is challenging for all organizations. A key success factor is the ability to combine business involvement and commitment, solid advanced data management with structured processes supported by scalable and flexible technology. KPMG has developed the data analytics factory approach to help organizations combine these elements and be successful in their data transformation.

The foundation for success is a strong data platform for model development and the industrialization of models to drive insights and realize value. Following the factory approach data is stored and processed in different layers from raw, to standardized , harmonized and analytics ready data. The data platform is developed in the cloud on Azure, using the latest services like Azure Synapse to make it possible.

A scan specific for your organisation

An Architecture reference scan is relevant if your organization is struggling with one or more of these topics;
  • Putting algorithms into production
  • Scaling up analytics across the organization
  • Setting up Data governance and Data management in the cloud
  • Defining a business case and value hacking
  • Optimizing of Data storage and Data processing
  • Data intake from a large number of sources
  • Implementing a structured way of working for Data Analytics
  • Harmonizing and standardizing Data
  • Bringing together business and technical stakeholders
  • Integrating external Data sources and use of streaming Data
  • Gaining insights by using dashboarding and visualization

Together with you and your colleagues KPMG and Microsoft experts will give you relevant insights in this 90-120 minute session, tailormade for your organisation. Also for companies that already have a basic data platform in place.

Make a next step on your data analytics foundation. We will look into what technical components you need and how you can leverage the newest solutions like Azure Synapse. If requested we can also deepdive into key topics like security, cloud platform and governance (No cost involved).