An identified and aligned ambition level on product transparency at Ahold Delhaize USA

The Challenge

Ahold Delhaize has defined radical transparency as one of the pillars of their 2025 strategy. However, Ahold Delhaize USA (AD USA) does not necessarily aspire a leading position in transparency for all brands, raw material or products. Therefore, a strong vision on the aspired levels of transparency and a clear implementation approach which can be successfully transitioned and managed throughout the organization was needed. AD USA asked our support to identify a clear direction for the radical transparency ambition.

The Approach

  • We analyzed strategy documentation from AD USA and AD Global in order to determine a long list of business drivers related to supply chain transparency.
  • KPMG then assessed the internal ambitions of AD USA through interviews with relevant leadership figures as well as surveying key internal stakeholders.
  • By conducting interviews with key stakeholders within AD USA, Global and other Ahold Delhaize brands (Albert Heijn), a review was performed on internal initiatives related to supply chain transparency.
  • ADUSA’s position in the market was assessed through an external landscape study that focused on ADUSA’s peers and their good practices.
  • The external landscape study was complemented with an oversight on broader industry initiatives related to supply chain transparency and traceability as well as available technology solutions to support with ADUSA’s strategy.
  • KPMG developed and shared with the client a final report containing strategic advice on key focus areas, how to leverage on existing initiatives, what activities to implement and the underlying technology solutions.

Benefits for the client

  • Due to the many interactions with different stakeholders at the client, a broad engagement around the topic was created.
  • An aligned vision was identified on the ambition level and the 3 key focus areas related to product transparency. This enabled the leadership to decide on a focused way forward on the topic.
  • The client gained insight into the different technology solutions that they could use and some of the key providers of those solutions.
  • With our support, the client was able to take the next steps to implement the 2025 ambition based on the identified vision and focus areas.

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