Especially now companies need end-to-end supply chain visibility on key parameters that are not directly supported by ERP and legacy IT systems. Currently, these capabilities are mostly approached individually and an integrated approach seems to be the exception. This virtual SpringBoard event brought together business leaders from all over the world to exchange on how to deal with complexity in supply chains, address the ‘first mile’ connection and apply scalable technology solutions to support supply chain transparency across multiple tiers.

This Executive Summary provides an overview of the global solutions companies are implementing in the area of supply chain transparency, the lessons learnt when gaining visibility all the way to production level, and highlight the need for collaboration to increase efficiency.

virtual springboard

“The demand for sustainable or ethical supply chains will keep growing. Companies have already started to embed transparency as a fundamental part of their business to remain competitive. It was exciting to hear from some of them how their journey looks like.” Andrea Bolhuis, Manager Sustainability, KPMG NL