Royal HaskoningDHV is an independent international engineering and project management consultancy, delivering services in the fields of aviation, buildings, energy, industry, infrastructure, maritime, mining, transport, urban and rural development and water. Tackling complex issues to enhance society is in its DNA, however gaining overall insight into the company-wide innovation initiatives called for a solution. The answer to their query turned out to be simple. We spoke to Royal HaskoningDHV to discover more about the solution we provided. Scroll down to read on or to watch our short video about the case. 

Royal HaskoningDHV creates innovative and digital-enabled services with and for its clients to enhance society. Award-winning examples are: BlueLabel, a powerful new tool providing detailed flood risk insight for governments, organisations and individuals to more effectively target measures to mitigate flood damage risks and Flowtack, a smart digital traffic management system to optimise traffic flows and reduce CO2 emissions by between 7-13% and nitrogen oxide by over 10%, thus enabling cities to be more accessible without compromising on livability standards.  “As engineers, we love solving complex problems,” confirms Carola Verschoor, Royal HaskoningDHV’s Corporate Director Innovation and Digital Services. “Innovation is the driver of change. The amount of ideas that we are generating is enormous and we were needing a way to have full overview of all the wonderful innovations that we are doing.”

Watch the video to discover how we supported Royal HaskoningDHV regaining insight into its portfolio of innovative ideas.

Stage-gate funnel tracks projects

To enable Royal HaskoningDHV to harness its expertise, Innovation Factory included a stage-gate funnel tool when it built the company’s Innovation Hub.

The funnel enhances the innovation portfolio management capabilities by centralising and standardising the innovation development process. Initiatives are now funded in stages and evaluated at the end of every development stage in order to decide whether they qualify for additional funding. Innovation Factory’s software provides multidisciplinary, structured analysis to ensure each initiative matches Royal HaskoningDHV’s growth ambitions.

Innovation projects that meet strategy goals

Royal HaskoningDHV designs services by using client insights, data science, creativity and technology.  By using the innovation process the company wants to help employees to define problems and innovate services that support its strategic growth ambitions. This also includes how the company delivers its services, for example by creating digital twins of physical assets that generate data driven insights.

Thanks to the funnel, initiatives are tracked from start to finish: from the creative chaos of ideation, through feasibility studies, prototype development, factory and customer field testing to launch and scale. They are shared transparently across the organisation throughout the entire process. Duplication of ideas by different business units within the organisation is no longer an issue: ideas are combined and teams work together to make these into a success.

We’ve developed over 100 initiatives and dozens of tools and templates so far

Hermen Jan van Ree
Global Innovation Leader at Royal Haskoning DHV

 “With over 600 active users, the hub is a great success,” confirms Hermen Jan van Ree. Employees are proud to be generating and developing ideas as part of the Innovation Hub. Hermen Jan continues: “The funnel lets us monitor progress and learn from previous experience.”

Carola adds: “The funnel enables us to bundle our expertise, efforts and focus to make innovation happen. That way, we will move beyond the possibilities of today into the world of tomorrow.”