Telco Vodafone has been working with KPMG’s Innovation Factory for years, helping to stay ahead of the competition in this competitive market. Together, we built a global idea management platform open to all Vodafone employees.

Infographic Vodafone case


The annual global Heineken Innovation Challenge is a powerful way to trigger the generation of new ideas, to feed the innovation funnel and most importantly to mobilise Heineken employees’ global innovation potential.

Infographic Heineken case


Developments in their market combined with an aging workforce created the need to preserve and share knowledge and stimulate forward-thinking. This is the winning case for the Dutch Interactive Awards 2013 in the category “Best Social for Business”.

Infographic Liander case

Construction Sector

This company’s division Construction & Real Estate saw a necessity to innovate in their market. So they initiated an Innovation Challenge assisted by Innovation Factory. 

Infographic Construction case

AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals

With the Imagine Chemistry platform, AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals has deliberately chosen to move to a model of open innovation. Anyone can contribute an innovative idea, with full respect for intellectual property rights.

Infographic Akzo case

IMDA Singapore

In 2018, the Singapore government launched its ambitious Open Innovation Platform to help businesses find solutions to tech-related challenges. This case details the concept and how KPMG Innovation Factory helped make it such a success.

Infographic IMDA case