In these unprecedented times car lessors are struggling with the developments occurring in the market: declining sales, emerging disruptors investing in new mobility services, a paradigm shift in demand towards a digital customer journey and the fast-paced growth of EVs. These ask for almost instant adaptability and responsiveness.

Discussions on these topics end in unanswered strategic questions, such as: Can our organization shift towards new demand and a new environment fast enough? How can we properly position ourselves to cover the paradigm shift in demand from a sole car to a full mobility service by developing the right relationships? How can we erase systems which do not add value anymore from our ecosystem? How do we rapidly transform our fleet in response to the increase in demand for EVs?

The main strategic goals for leasing companies to consider in the challenge to overcome disruptive and fierce times are: a clear direction to navigate your organization, strong partnerships in developing integrated (e-)mobility solutions, applying the latest and greatest technology providing the most accurate insights for back-office and front-office, and keeping a close eye on cash flows and allocating a right balance of human resources and technology to the most important customers.

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