On 11th November 2020, with the help of finance professionals in the industry, we hosted a second edition of the Life Sciences Round Table. This event was the first webinar hosted by the CMAAS department via Microsoft Teams platform. Finance management professionals were invited from various Dutch biotech and pharmaceutical companies. During the event we discussed:

  • Industry analysis of the Life Sciences in the Netherlands -  presented by David Ikkersheim. David presented the life sciences industry analysis based on the publication 'Unlocking the life sciences potential'.  He discussed the background of the study, presented the main facts and figures, the enabling preconditions and the hurdles as well as a look out to 2030.
  • A discussion from a panel of investors addressing the main challenges and considerations involved from an investor perspective. The investors also addressed various questions from the participants sharing practical perspectives and solutions to the raised concerns. The panel included Arthur Franken from Gilde Healthcare, Giovanni Mariggi from Medicxi and Shelley Margetson from V-Bio.

The second part of the webinar focused on future development plan topics:

  • IPO Readiness - presented by Herman van Meel and Bas Geerling. Herman discussed the main steps and the work streams of an IPO process as well as the expected impact on companies' internal and external reporting, HR, governance, investor relations, IT, tax, etc. Bas discussed the Emerging Growth Companies (EGCs) in the light of an IPO readiness. 
  • GAAP Conversions - presented by Katherine Auster. Katherine discussed attention accounting areas, the key impacts on the business of a GAAP conversion and an indicative timeline.
  • Tax Considerations - presented by Ronald Honings and Jeroen Kuppens. Ronald presented the highlight of the 2021 tax plan, the new loss set-off rules and the repatriation of income to foreign investors. Jeroen concluded with transfer pricing overview and model examples.

With our webinar we aim to support the Life Sciences companies in their journey, be it obtaining more funding, going public, undertaking a GAAP conversion or facing fiscal challenges. The awareness that the webinar created has facilitated new conversations and engagements. Additionally, it facilitated a start of conversations with the investor community, which otherwise would not have taken place.

This event represents a successful follow-up from last year's Life Sciences Round Table, which led to new audit and advisory clients.

We have included reference materials that can be found on our KPMG website that might help you with certain topics you have to deal with. Please get in touch with the contacts below if you would like any more detail.

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