2020 is a year that has forced organisations to not only accept change, but to embrace it. However, change can not occur in a vacuum, it is highly dependent on stakeholder involvement and commitment. History has shown that the occurrence of unanticipated events may lead to a vast decline in organisational trust. This magnifies the concern that a lack of stakeholder trust in an organisation can present a significant barrier in an organisation to be effective. That is why we as at KPMG are determined to help organisations build durable trust.

The research drawn on for this whitepaper was conducted over the past 20 years and focused on understanding how organisations and their leaders build, maintain and repair trust. It is important to note that restoring and maintaining organisational trust is not a once off task, but rather a continued commitment. This whitepaper details a practical guide that will assist organisations to build organisational trust through establishing sophisticated cultures and infrastructure which is adaptable to societal expectations and development.

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