Our Blueprints solution helps organization’s creating a cohesive and shared common taxonomy of competences, experiences skills and responsibilities.

Three years ago, we started with the question: 'Can you deliver a training for the Directors of KPMG NL?' First, we needed to understand the learning distance. Then, discover the learning needs. A challenging exercise, to say the least. Our work resulted in a pragmatic framework to visualize and measure the distance per role in our organization. Together, these Blueprints form our organization's cohesive aggregate of overall business requirements and a shared common taxonomy of competences, experiences, skills, and responsibilities.

When we finalized the project we not only delivered a new framework for all the roles in our organization, but also a standardized curriculum per level in the organization for Leadership, Business Development, Personal Development and Professional Development.

The next step was the Blueprints' integration; merging them with our Job Classification System and (re)build our current and future roles. We integrated the Blueprints in all our assessments and in our Learning Ecosystem (Degreed). Three years later, all the steps were finalized and implemented.

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