Almost overnight, the storm of COVID-19 smashed the fundamentals of brands’ engagement with customers. With physical stores shut and digital channels under pressure, many brands suddenly needed to quickly reassess the needs of their customers and redesign their customer experiences if they hoped to remain relevant in the hearts of Dutch consumers.

Our 2020 report on customer experience in The Netherlands suggests some have been highly successful. The research was conducted among 5,015 Dutch consumers. Indeed, those brands able to demonstrate their brand values, integrity and the ability to stay connected with customers have been rewarded with strong and growing customer loyalty – and some of the highest Customer Experience (CX) scores ever recorded in our report.

What these brands illustrate is that – in times of crisis in particular:

  • customers gravitate towards brands they trust; 
  • brands that demonstrate integrity; 
  • and brands that keep the needs of their customers at heart.

Review the findings of our Customer Experience Excellence (CEE) research in this report to help you decide how to reset your approach to customer experience in the eye of the storm, and beyond.

In this edition we go beyond the rankings, and explore some of the key considerations for brands to take as they shape and enhance their customer experience.

We illustrate how trust plays a critical role here. Customers are looking for brands with clear moral standards and reputations built on trusted relationships - particularly in uncertain times. We explore how leading brands are rethinking their organisational structure and making new connections in order to create clear alignment between the employee and customer experience. We discuss how brands need to reassess their expected investments, through a balanced approach of customer-centricity and economics. And we look at the characteristics of sustainable, resilient organisations who are able to navigate through the storm with strong connections to their customers.

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