Why and how to ‘build back better’ and create long-lasting value through applying circular core principles in real estate management.

The real estate market is under pressure

Real estate investors and developers have to deal with pressing issues originating from the COVID-19 crisis, while global developments such as climate change, resource scarcity and urbanization need to be dealt with as well. The only way to succeed is by embracing the principles of the circular economy and aim for a low carbon, healthy and regenerative built environment that creates circular shared value.

Circular core principles can provide guidance

There is not a single solution available to create shared value all at once. There are, however, core principles that can be followed to satisfy the needs of the real estate market in the present and the future. These core principles – distilled from lean management, the Cradle to Cradle philosophy and KPMG's True Value methodology – aim at creating circular shared value in the short and long term and value for shareholders as much as for society. This paper explains why and how to 'build back better' and create long-lasting value through applying these core principles in real estate management.


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Arnoud Walrecht

Jeroen van Muiswinkel

Arnoud Walrecht

Director Sustainability | Global Circular Economy Lead

KPMG Nederland


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