Protect and manage the workforce

Protect and manage the workforce

Empathy, curiosity, resilience and humility.

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Why is protecting the workforce essential to come out stronger?

  • Without a healthy, committed and engaged workforce organizations will not be able to maintain the needed levels of creativity and productivity to act effectively during and post COVID19.
  • How organizations act now will determine how they are perceived post COVID19. Both by (potential) employees as well as (potential) clients.
  • Different leadership skills are required to navigate through the crisis, build resilience and prepare for the future.
  • The economic environment and legislation require continuous assessment for HR implications.

Key challenges faced

  • Ensuring health and safety of employees and their families to maintain physical and mental well-being.
  • Keeping engagement, commitment and productivity up so the organization can continue to make an impact for its clients and stakeholders.
  • Maintaining business continuity, especially in vital functions and equally addressing capacity planning and load levelling issues.
  • Balancing the people first versus cash is king dilemma.
  • Growing, renewing and developing the workforce requires a different approach to recruitment, on-boarding, and educating.
  • Addressing additional operational HR and legal complexities and compliance requirement take time and requires new knowledge.

How to respond

  • Lead by example, modelling behaviour based on four keys: empathy, curiosity, resilience and humility.
  • Create a purposeful story as a compass to guide through crisis and beyond.
  • Create a safe and healthy workplace at home & on site.
  • Engage in dialogue on measures to ensure long term survival and thriving of the organization.
  • Continuously asses the COVID-19 impact to monitor the interventions you have in place.
  • Capability/capacity planning to meet operational business needs.
  • Learn to reconcile dilemmas in balancing compliance against commercial and pragmatic business responses.

How we can help

  • Leadership support: meaningful leadership and communication. Story development to navigate through this crisis including a communication strategy, plan and related instruments. Organize surveys to monitor workforce well-being in remote working circumstances. Provide guidance around (virtual) dialogue facilitation and dilemma reconciliation.
  • Develop skills for effective digital and remote collaboration: We are supporting banks and other clients by providing training and coaching around remote working better practices, ensuring continuity of vital functions and projects. As needs are shifting we can help to set up digital learning platforms and design remote learning pathways.
  • Set-up strategic workforce management: Increased flexibility and agility is required as the current crisis will accelerate banking digitisation. Applying workforce analytics will help to identify where and how to upskill and redeploy people to new products and services. We can also advise on scenario building on the future workforce.
  • Understanding and interpreting implications of rapidly evolving legislation: With the help of our regulatory experts and in collaboration with our tax practice, we are assisting our clients to navigate through new regulations in the HR domain to ensure compliance and assess business implications.

More Information

For more information, please contact either Sybren Eikenaar or Pamela de Maaijer.

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