Webcast Series

KPMG Netherlands in collaboration with the World Petroleum Council, Shell, TNO and IRO - The Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Offshore Energy Industry hosted a series of four webcasts over four days that looked at the Oil & Gas industry as key players in the  Energy Transition. The focus of the conversations was the North Sea where innovative energy production and supply models are tested and implemented.

Webcast - Oil and Gas Key Players in the Energy Transition: Old meets New


  • Marjan van Loon, CEO and president, Shell Nederland: Kick-off and introduction
  • Rene Peters, business director Gas Technology at TNO: moderator
  • Jacqueline Vaessen, general manager at NexStep


  • Within the next decade half of the existing infrastructure will be obsolete. Decommissioning costs are estimated at 5 billion Euro
  • Existing assets can, however, be a springboard for the future energy system
  • Dismantling infrastructure without a long-term view might lead to dismantling opportunities.

Nexstep is the joint initiative of the Dutch state, represented by the Dutch oil and gas industry, represented by NOGEPA. Their ambition is to stimulate re-use and collaboration in decommissioning of oil and gas infrastructure in the Netherlands to contribute to the energy transition.

The World Petroleum Council is dedicated to the promotion of sustainable management and use of the world’s oil, gas and other energy resources for the benefit of all.


For more information, please contact Joan Eischen, director Markets.