Customer experience and brand purpose

Customer experience and brand purpose

Supporting banks keeping the brand and customer experience high with the enormous increase of customer requests.

Edgar Molenaars

Partner Strategy & Operations – Customer & Brand Advisory - KPMG Pensions Advisory

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Why adjusting the customer experience is required to adapt?

  • Banks are being overwhelmed with credit applications and moratorium requests whilst many branches are closed. This requires new ways to support the customer in an efficient and empathic way.
  • Banks have responded quickly to the new Corona reality with loan and mortgage payment postponement. Initial public response was positive however the longer crisis duration requires new ways to positively manage the bank's brand.

Key challenges faced

  • Remote customer channels are overrun whilst physical channels are nearly silent due to intelligent lockdown
  • Increased number of customer questions due to increased needs for liquidity
  • Customer service is overrun and responds without empathy
  • Brand impacted as bank is perceived to profit from crisis with additional loans

How to respond

  • Identify products/services experiencing demand shifts. Establish management information flows to track emerging patterns.
  • Reorganise customer service channels with intelligent technology to triage demand surge and adjust way of working.
  • Train intelligent chat bot to triage and handle repeating questions.
  • Redesign customer journeys for retail credit applications and moratorium requests to enable best possible experience.
  • Update marketing strategy to act with authenticity and come back to purpose relevant in Corona time
  • Pivot communication strategy in line with updated marketing strategy.

How we can help

  • Rapid customer care – with our target operating model, you can:

    • Re-organise your customer service quickly to have the optimal physical balance and quickly triage demand surge
    • Redesign your customer journey across Six Pillars of customer experience excellence for optimal resolution and empathy
  • Intelligent technology – with our communication analysis tool, you can achieve:
    • Quick call analysis across words, sentences and sentiments
    • Accelerated training of intelligent chat bots to handle recurring questions
    • Provide quick feedback to your employees to adjust empathic customer engagement in line with situation
  • Brand and communication strategy – with our capabilities, you can:
    • Update your brand strategy and set a relevant purpose to create a positive 
      brand experience
    • Update your communication strategy in line with redefined brand purpose 
      across all channels

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