Webcast: COVID-19 impact on financial accounting & reporting

COVID-19 impact on financial accounting & reporting

As part of our #NavigateTomorrow webcast series, we hosted a webcast on 15 April in which we discussed the key areas of impact of COVID-19 on financial accounting and reporting. We have provided insights into the regulatory environment and talked about a selection of key accounting issues that result from the COVID-19 pandemic.


Ruben Rog

Partner Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory Services

KPMG Nederland


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Webcast April 15, 2020

Purpose of the webcast

In more detail we have discussed the accounting of financial instruments for corporates and valuation considerations for impairment testing purposes. In our last topic, we covered the relevant going concern considerations including disclosures in your financial statements. 

With our webcast we aim to support you with preparing financial reports in the difficult circumstance that arise from COVID-19. Therefore, we have included reference materials – that can be found on our KPMG website –  that might help you with certain topics you have to deal with. Off course our presenters are ready to help you where needed. We note that there remains a lot of developments around the topics we discussed. Please consult our related website on accounting and reporting for the latest information. 

Replaying the webcast will take approximately 60 minutes. Thank you for joining the webcast.

Speakers & Topics

The following KPMG experts will present:

If you have any further queries or questions about the above topics, please do not hesitate to contact one of our speakers.


The slides of the session can be downloaded below.

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