The impact of COVID-19, the here and now for banks

The impact of COVID-19, the here and now for banks

Part 1: overview of European regulatory measures, impact on operational resilience and IFRS9

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The impact of COVID-19, the here and now for banks

The disruptive impact of the Covid-19 pandemic for the banking sector is profound. The environment is evolving fast and Covid-19 will have a short, medium and longer term impact on bank’s business- and operating model. It is important to consider the measures announced by various supervisory- and regulatory bodies and what they mean for the day-to-day banking operation. This webinar series covers a variety of practical topics relevant for banking, ranging from credit-, liquidity- and market risk to non-financial risk, reporting and recovery.

In the first webcast we provided an overview of the measures and/or guidance announced by various regulatory- and supervisory bodies on Covid-19, shared insights on operational resilience and explained the main consequences for IFRS9 topics such as staging (e.g. in the context of announced payment holidays).

Topics & speakers

  • Introduction – Ferdinand Veenman, Head of Financial Services & Banking KPMG NL
  • Covid-19 European regulatory overview & key risks - Henning Dankenbring, Co-Head of KPMG ECB Office
  • Operational resilience - Lennart de Vries, partner KPMG NL
  • IFRS9 in context of Covid-19 measures - Dick Korf, partner KPMG NL
  • Banking themes post Covid-19 - Lennart de Vries, partner KPMG NL
  • Q&A

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