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Supporting decision making during an integration or a carve-out with Tableau

Supporting decision making during an integration

Deals today are no longer simple transactions. Increasingly, data plays an important role during the full mergers and acquisitions (M&A) cycle. Not only is the amount of data growing exponentially, the data needs to be analyzed more closely to ensure potential issues are discovered and informed decisions can be taken. Also, it must be done faster as deal speed increases.

Liselore Sauer

Director Separation & Integration

KPMG Nederland


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Our KPMG Separation & Integration practice uses analytics and visualization tools such as Tableau. Using these tools makes it possible to get fast insights based on data. This enables buyers and/or sellers to make better founded decisions during an integration or a carve-out.

Replacing traditional report slides by dynamic visualization

Tableau is a powerful and fast-growing data visualization tool which supports the work we do in our KPMG Separation & Integration practice. Tableau supports especially in the ease with which meaningful visualizations can be created. Using a drag-and-drop principle it is possible to create basic visualizations within seconds. This enables a KPMG consultant to get instantaneous insights in complex data used during the M&A cycle. Based on these first insights more elaborate visualizations can be made that show relations within the data or with other data sources.

Visualizations that are created are dynamic which enables professionals at any level in an organization to interact with the visualizations. Due to the dynamic nature of Tableau, one well-thought-out visualization can replace 200 static slides.

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Supporting decision making

During an integration or carve-out information usually becomes available gradually. Our team can easily update visualizations based on new available data, thus enabling near real-time insight delivery. In that way we can support the ongoing decisions that senior decision-makers within an acquiring organization need to make.

Accessing the client environment

KPMG uses a dedicated Tableau server that enables clients to log in to a secured environment. Here they can see and interact with the custom made visualizations created for them, without the need to install any software. In addition, several devices can be used, such as laptops, mobile phones or tablets.

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The KPMG Separation & Integration practice used Tableau to give a geographical overview of how well a target's employee base would fit in the buyer's organization. Specifically, it was analyzed for hundreds of locations how well the expected available work after closing would match with the size of the employee base after integrating the target's employee base in the buyer's organization. Due to the dynamic nature of Tableau multiple scenarios could be shown and their impact tested. This enabled the buyer to get early insights into problems that would arise during the integration of the two workforces.

More information

Would you like to know more about using Tableau to support decision making during an integration or a carve-out? ? Contact Liselore Sauer.

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