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The future of HR

The future of HR

This digital world impacts the business, including the agenda of the CHRO. What are the future challanges and opportunities and how can organizations prepare themselves for the future?

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Preparing for the future of HR

How do you create a future proof organization? What is needed to successfully execute a digital transformation? And what is the role of HR in this transformation? As KPMG business advisors, we see these questions becoming more relevant than ever before. This digital world impacts the entire organization, including the agenda of the CHRO. Instead of supporting the business in a traditional way, HR becomes a strategic business partner. It is no longer just about executing the strategy, but about (re)designing an HR architecture. Knowing how to act as a strategic partner is a future key to success.

We are happy to see that CHRO's embrace change and feel ready to prepare their organization for the future that lies ahead of us. Many companies are redesigning their job profiles, solid job architectures and pre-defined career paths. This transition towards a process oriented way of working in which all talents get the opportunity to constantly improve themselves in a safe environment, empowers the CHRO's to fight in the war of talent.

At the same time, we as HR practioners have to think outside the borders of our human workforce. We have to prepare ourselves for collaboration with the virtual workforce. Although many organizations are currently optimizing and standardizing their processes to be able to welcome our robot colleagues, we see them struggling with managing a hybrid workforce. How to attract talent with the right skillset to be part of this hybrid workforce? And how to maximize standardization when customers expect nothing but a one-size-fits all approach?

As KPMG HR transformation advisors we are constantly asking ourselves, what are the key enablers if you want to create a digital organization? And what can we do today, to answer your questions of tomorrow?

By executing a global HR survey, we investigated the expected challenges of HR last year. This year, the survey has been rolled out again. Will the workforce of the future still remain a challenge? And how do organizations deal with talent management nowadays? How will the HR function of the future look like? You can find the report below.

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