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Are you ready for Brexit?

Are you ready for Brexit

Bullet-proof your business against Brexit – a risk-reduction guide.

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Are you ready for Brexit?

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union. What remains unclear, however, is how Britain and Europe will part ways. What will their future look like and how will this affect your business?

A no-deal Brexit is a real possibility, but with the help of KPMG your business will much better be able to weather the storm. Taking the right actions now, will bear fruit in the future - even if the final Brexit outcome is not yet clear.

KPMG offers services that are essential to robust planning in the months leading up to Brexit:

  1. Customs Impact Analysis: estimate future duties and costs
  2. Brexit Runbook Indirect Tax: prepare your SAP system in time for future tax scenarios
  3. Brexit Workshop: a 360-degree exploration of your specific risks
  4. Brexit Impact Quick Scan: 15 questions detail the specific challengers for your company
  5. In-depth Brexit Impact Assessment: an A to Z preparation focused on all layers of your company

Want to know more about Brexit? The scenarios and how it will affect your business? Visit our Brexit site.

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