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Extending horizons

Corporate reporting needs give a more long-term view

This study is based on a wider international methodology that KPMG has developed to analyze corporate reports and which resulted in our global study Room for Improvement.


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Extending horizons

Derived from this, we have analyzed the results and trends for the 23 major non-financial Dutch companies - listed and/or with a turnover of at least EUR 10 billion.

Why carry out such an analysis? At KPMG, we have believed for a long time that business reporting can and should be improved. This is not about better reporting for reporting's sake, but to enable better decision-making by investors and other stakeholders. The capital markets rely on relevant and well-presented information. But they need more than just the numbers.

Quite apart from its backward-looking nature, financial performance alone does not and cannot tell the whole story of a company and nor does it enable stakeholders to assess the potential success of a business for the long-term. This is why corporate reporting needs to step up and give a fuller, more long-term view.

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For more information please contact Wim Bartels, Lars Kurznack, Danielle Landesz Campen of Mark Vaessen.

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