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The way forward - Platform Strategy

The way forward - Platform Strategy

For a leading bank in the Netherlands KPMG has written a strategy plan towards 2020.

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The way forward - Platform Strategy

With a clear strategy, decisions on priority can be easily made. A leading bank in the Netherlands, initiating a community platform for their loyal customers, had realized a validated platform model in the past 1,5 year in multiple countries. A long list of initiatives to fix broken windows, improve their existing services and invest in long-term additional services was on their backlog. Next, the role of the platform within the larger cooperation was a challenge to be met sooner rather than later.

Working together with the client in workshops with the board and staff, KPMG has written a strategy plan towards 2020. Bringing outside-in best practices and platform business model knowledge, KPMG has worked together with the client team to initiate a one company approach (in services & IT architecture), an agile organization model for continuous improvement and Lean Start-up Methodology with a global customer validation process. Finally, focusing activities on Platform KPIs to increase user growth & engagement on the community platform.

The capabilities we have used in this multi-disciplinary project: Platform Strategy, Platform Business Model, Growth Hacking, IT Architecture, Agile Transformation, Lean Start-up and Customer Validation.


Want to know more? Please contact Jochem Pasman, senior manager KPMG Digital Advisory.

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