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The Transformational CIO

The Transformational CIO

Twenty years is a long time, but in the fast-moving world of technology it can seem like an eternity.


William Koot


KPMG Nederland


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CIO Survey 2018 - Harvey Nash / KPMG

And as technology has changed, so too has its focus: once it was all about internal operations, now it’s more about the customer; once the budget was controlled by one or two executives, now spend is undertaken by a broader range of stakeholders; once the IT leader was called ‘CIO’ or ‘IT Director’, now technology leadership is found in a wide range of places.

Against this backdrop of change the CIO role remains as strong as ever. But that is because the CIO role is also changing. IT leaders are not only helping transform organisations, but the leaders themselves are being transformed, and for many there is a real opportunity to grow and extend their influence. From helping ‘shadow IT’ step out of the shadows, to handling data privacy and security, to getting the balance right between governance and driving innovation - the CIO has a unique perspective on it all.

So welcome to this year’s CIO Survey, the world’s largest survey on IT leadership. Whether you are a CIO, CEO, CTO, CDO or any other executive who cares about business technology, this report shines a bright light on the key issues that affect all of us in the technology sector.

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