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CEO Outlook 2018 - Growing pains

For our fourth annual Global CEO Outlook, we reached out to 1,300CEOs of many of the world’s largest and most complex businesses in order to understand the challenges and opportunities they face and their vision for the business of tomorrow. The research was conducted by Longitude on behalf of KPMG. Respondents were split across the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, the Nordics and Africa. As in prior years, we’ve seen how quickly the world is changing for today’s businessleaders, and what this means for how they are leading and growing their organizations.


Key Takeaways

Making digital a personal crusade

As they look to drive growth in a digital age, CEOs are leading the transformation agenda. But to ensure their long-term digital strategy does not get derailed by pressure to deliver short-term results, they must manage the expectations of key stakeholders. Working with boards and other stakeholders, they can map different scenarios for the future of the business and set new key performance indicators. Making the most of their customer data will be a critical element of their growth strategies, and with the public’s trust in institutions waning, CEOs are taking personal responsibility for safeguarding data. Their employees will also be looking to CEOs forguidance in a world where AI and automation will replace both manual and more specialized roles. CEOs need to lead the workforce transition, and create a compelling and candid narrative for their employees about what the future holds.