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Compact Magazine

Compact Magazine

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Compact Magazine

Outsourcing, whose origins can be traced back 200 years to the industrial revolution in the 18th and 19th century, is a tried, tested and well-oiled model of globalization, that evolved significantly with the dawn of internet and computers becoming the mainstream in the later part of the 20th century. Since the early 21st century, technology has enabled companies across the globe to architect the foundations of Global Business Services (multi-faceted outsourcing model).

Companies are not only outsourcing functions like IT, Finance, Payroll, Procurement, etc., but also DevOps, Master Data, HR, Security, Operations, etc. using single or multiple suppliers, captives within companies or in nearshore/offshore destinations. Agile is being deployed to not only shorten the outsourcing selection process, but also change organization structures to address incoming demand.

In this edition, we invite you to walkthrough some trends in the tidal wave of change in all facets of outsourcing, covering a perspective of the originator, supplier and advisor in an outsourcing transaction. These trends are mainly stimulated by technological advancements, but influenced by political change, adoption of non-human intervention (automation) and ultimately selecting the best method (make or buy from one or multiple suppliers) to continue doing trade.

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About Compact

Compact is a Dutch magazine published by KPMG IT Advisory. What started as an internal magazine in the early seventies is now a leading magazine in the Dutch marketplace. As we run a mature IT advisory practice, we wish to share our insights with our worldwide clients, our current and future workforce, and the community. Therefore we occasionally publish articles or even complete editions in English. Furthermore, we published the book IT Governance, Performance & Compliance, also in English.

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