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Webcast: The North Sea Program

Webcast: WPC Energy Transition

World Petroleum Council Expert Workshop: Oil and Gas Industry as Key Players in the Energy Transition. The North Sea Program.

The Oil & Gas industry is developing and deploying various initiatives for a transition to a sustainable energy system. Many of these initiatives take place in the North Sea. This area is uniquely placed in North West Europe to demonstrate various business models, to implement policy frameworks and apply innovative technologies that could put the world on track towards a rapid and effective energy transition.

The North Sea: Where innovative energy production and supply models are tested and implemented.

WPC offers you 4 webcasts in the week of May 26, where industry experts will highlight the technical and economic aspects of these new business models.

We are pleased to invite you for our webcasts May 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th 2020 (13.30-14.30 CET).

You can choose to attend one, more or all days. The webcasts will be interactive and you will be able to submit your questions to our speakers during the webcast.

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26th May (13.30-14.30 CET) 

Oil and Gas key players in the Energy transition: Old meets New

Marjan van Loon, CEO and President, Shell Nederland: Kick-off and introduction

Rene Peters, Business Director Gas Technology at TNO: moderator

Jacqueline Vaessen, General Manager at NexStep


•      Within the next decade half of the existing infrastructure will be obsolete. Decommissioning costs are estimated at 5 billion Euro.

•      Existing assets can, however, be a springboard for the future energy system.

•      Dismantling infrastructure without a long-term view might lead to dismantling opportunities.


27th May (13.30-14.30 CET) 

Strategies for Wind and Solar Power Hubs to Green Hydrogen

Rene Peters, Business Director Gas Technology at TNO, moderator

Noé van Hulst, Hydrogen Envoy at Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate Policy 

Ellen van de Veer, Energy Consultant at TNO

Lex de Groot, Managing Director at Neptune Energy


•      Techno-economic and societal panel on North Sea Energy transition, financing; scalability; ESG issues; risks (including security of supply).

•      Windfarms and oil and gas can mutually benefit, e.g. electrification of platforms and production and transportation of green hydrogen.

•      The North Sea holds extensive platform and pipeline infrastructures of oil and gas production.

•      Timing of the transition is crucial: the window of opportunity is temporary.   


28th May (13.30-14.30 CET) 

Critical success factors for new start-up business models and technologies in large corporates


Bud van der Schrier, Partner Deal Advisory KPMG, moderator

Geert van de Wouw, Vice President Shell Ventures

Jerom van Roosmalen, Managing Director and Founding Partner at Nordsol


•       A model for improved governance, supply chain management and the management of risk.

•       Critical success factors for open innovation between start-ups and corporates.

•       Current hurdles facing external innovators: corporate governance, procurement processes, IP-protection, conflicts of interest and internal project management. “The race to be second”.

•       The role of Government. Tax, regulations, co-funding of ‘firsts’ (pilot projects), etc.


29th May (13.30-14.30 CET)

“Blue Hydrogen” a Carbon Neutral Natural Gas

Ewald Breunesse, Manager Energy Transitions at Shell: moderator

Alice Krekt, Program Director Climate Change at Deltalinqs

Barthold Schroot, Program Manager Advice & Innovation at EBN

•       Hydrogen is likely to play a major role as energy carrier, economically to transport and store.

•       Well positioned as carbon neutral fuel for industries and transport.

•       Large scale CO2 usage and storage (CCUS) required.

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