Anne Cecile Moreno

Anne-Cecile Moreno

Senior Manager

KPMG Nederland

Anne Cecile is Engineer of about 10 years of experience as a GHG emissions and sustainability specialist, with particular in-depth knowledge in conducting assurance and advisory engagements and site visits in different working environment and countries, including France, Australia, Chile, Indonesia, Ethiopia, China, Vietnam and India.

Anne Cecile currently and actively supports Wim Bartels who is a member of the TCFD, participating in the task force’s initiatives and developments, including:

  • Drafting the report that the TCFD has issued in September 2018 after the first year of implementation.
  • Created a mock disclosures that addressed the TCFD recommendations
  • Contributed to sessions with companies to create awareness and understanding of what climate-related risks and opportunities are and what these could mean for businesses strategy and business model
  • Reviewed and advised companies on their climate-related risks and opportunities process identification
  • Designed roadmap for companies to address further internally the TCFD recommendations

Anne Cecile has lead measurement and reporting of industrial GHG emissions (including fugitive, flare and venting emissions) under the Australian Government’s mandatory reporting legislation for GHG and energy
production and consumption, especially in the mining, oil & gas and power generation sector.

Anne Cecile is fluent in English, French and Spanish with notion of Mandarin and have work with different stakeholders from suppliers, customers, research Directors to C+ levels.


Areas of expertise:

Climate change    climate resilience   climate risks and opportunities   climate scenarios   TCFD   sustainability strategy   business resilience

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  • Engineering Master Degree

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