Thom Eijken | KPMG | NL
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Thom Eijken

Manager KPMG Risk Consulting

KPMG Nederland

Thom is a Manager with international experience in fraud-risk related projects in a wide variety of sectors. He leads his team to help businesses providing insight into large amounts of (financial) data, using innovative statistical and analytical procedures. This is done in a process of helping the client identify the most critical areas of risk within their business, translating these risks to analytical procedures specific for the client's IT environment and presenting the results in a way that best fits the clients needs (e.g. graphical dashboard, written report, etc). Throughout this process, the objectives from the client are the driving force and the technology that's being used is no more than a means to achieve this objective. Due to Thom's wide array of IT knowledge and experience, this technology component can be constructed such that it best fits the client's current IT landscape and minimizes software licencing costs.


Adviesdiensten Enterprise Risk Management en Governance, Risk en Compliance Fraude IT Advisory in Risk Consulting Interne controle-, risicomanagement- en compliancediensten Risicoadvisering Risicomanagement Technologie rond governance, risico's en compliance
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