Business reporting can and should be improved. This is not about better reporting for reporting’s sake, but to enable better decision-making by investors and other stakeholders. The capital markets rely on relevant and well-presented information. But they need more than just the numbers. Financial performance alone does not and cannot tell the whole story of a company and nor does it enable stakeholders to assess the potential success of a business for the long-term. This is why corporate reporting needs to step up and give a fuller, more long-term view.

In this study we take stock of corporate reporting with an eye to long-term value creation and show the trends in corporate reporting for 23 major non-financial Dutch companies. Moves are being made in the right direction but there are still a lot that can be improved. Read the study to learn the ‘must dos’ for improvement.

Download the paper: 'Extending horizons; KPMG Netherlands Study of Corporate Reporting 2018.'