ESG must be embedded in your strategy and form the overall narrative and purpose of your organisation. Every aspect of your business is in the spotlight from how you treat employees, your supply chain, how you use and manage data, right through to your environmental credentials. It's now clear, that having a clear purpose and positive impact on the planet and its people matters like never before.

Focus area's

KPMG's focus areas and solutions can help organizations enhance, accelerate, and build a sustainable future that drive growth and profitability

Climate change

Climate Risks & Decarbonization Services

Are you ready to navigate climate risk with confidence?

Circulair Economy

Circular Economy Services

Creating new and innovative business models and circular collaboration

Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Finance

The financial sector’s key role in a more sustainable economy

AI in control

AI in Control

Harness the potential of AI

Supply chain transparency services

Supply Chain Transparency Services

Pressure is increasing for businesses to build transparent supply chains

Sustainability Assurance

Sustainability Assurance

Balanced view of sustainability performance

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