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The Next Web Recap

The Next Web Recap

A look back at the Amsterdam technology festival.


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During the 24th and 25th of May the Westergasfabriek turned into an innovation hotspot regarding the most promising developments in technology in the past year(s). Leading companies, start-ups and experts were invited to Amsterdam to showcase what technology is capable of in the upcoming years. Subjects ranging from Artificial Intelligence to satellite technology to mental wellbeing were all discussed over the course of two days.

At KPMG we are affecting change and innovating every day and pushing technology. As discussed in my TNW Preview post, KPMG has identified six relevant subjects in society where innovation is taking place and molded these subjects into six innovation teams. In this post I will share my experience at The Next Web conference, aligning my personal highlights of the conference with some of the KPMG themes.

Exponential Thinking: Jason Silva

In current years the pace at which technology has been developing has been unparalleled. In the years to come this pace will only increase exponentially. Advances in fields such as nanotechnology, biotechnology and artificial intelligence are reshaping the way not only products but also biology works. To grasp and to utilize this development people and organizations need to developing new thinking patterns and become more exponential thinkers. Perhaps adopting this mindset towards innovation could help you as well?

Watch Jason Silva's talk and learn more about exponential thinking.

Healthy Society: A tool to achieve peace of mind and improve overall health: Headspace

The Healthy Society team is constantly looking for ways to improve the health care system in the Netherlands and abroad by using technology to solve problems which have been around for years. However in competitive environments in which KPMG acts, the individual can sometimes be underappreciated. Headspace offers an application which is based on the practice of meditation. Headspace has been proven to offer health benefits for people who are constantly engaged during the day. By using Headspace people have been able to achieve higher productivity and happiness during their daily tasks. Do you want to learn more about the benefits of Headspace?

Watch Rich Pierson's Q&A session regarding mindfulness and headspace to learn more about the benefits.

Smart Financials: The only thing holding block chain back? Block Chain

The Smart Financials team is looking for ways to revolutionize the way we have designed our financial system. In past years, the solution to overturn the current monetary system was presented. Bitcoin & the block chain. Whilst the technology has been able to challenge our ideas regarding the system, the monetary system still stands strong. So why has this technology not yet been able to inflict major change in the way we go about our financials. Public perception of block chain is limited often to the world of cryptocurrency and bitcoin. According to Bryce Bladon, this is strongly hampering the development of the technology as a whole. Curious about the other problems of block chain?

Bryce Bladon explains which problems Block chain still faces and proposes several solutions.

Safe Society: Darktrace's Emily Orton

The KPMG Safe Society team seeks potential opportunities to provide safety and security for its customers and society as a whole. Darktrace director Emily Orton shares that goal, and by building their machine-learning cyber defense solution Darktrace they provide many enterprises and Industrial Control environments with self-learning security. Darktrace's unique proposal is that it is modelled after the human immune system, and as such it can detect potential malicious applications by recognizing patterns, even if the malware has never been seen before.

Watch Emily Orton explain Darktrace's design philosophy.

Trusted Society: Sander Klous

Our very own Sander Klous gave an enlightening talk on trust in a smart society. As we increasingly trust on machines, algorithms and data to assist us in taking decisions, it is more important than ever that we able to trust the data analysis taking place under the hood. Sander illustrates this with illuminating examples, and even shows us how we as KPMG can play an important role in the smart society. If you’ve missed his KPMG Open Masterclass, or just want to refresh your knowledge: watch Sander Klous give his vision on trust in a smart society.


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