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The KPMG Guide to The Next Web Conference

KPMG's guide to The Next Web

A who’s who and what not to miss in the 2018 edition of The Next Web Conference.


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The KPMG guide to The Next Web Conference.

In less than two weeks’ time, some of technology’s brightest minds will gather in Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek for what has been described as ‘the most intimate technology festival on the planet’ – The Next Web Conference. With KPMG’s ambitious Outlook 2025 innovation program planted firmly in the back of our minds, we take a look at who’s who and what not to miss in the 2018 edition of the two-day technology extravaganza.

Driving force behind the KPMG innovation program are 6 themes that act as umbrellas for new, creative initiatives to be sorted under. These themes are intentionally broad and rooted in societal relevance, to ensure that the scope is as wide as possible and the firm’s objectives are aligned with society’s needs. The Next Web provides its visitors with a selection of tracks – proposed itineraries for the conference – which at times overlap with our themes. Additionally, especially relevant individual speakers will also earn a mention.

Safe Society

For those occupied with our enduring safety and security, both physical and digital, the Machine Learners track could surely be worth one’s while. The rapid advent of developments in the Artificial Intelligence sphere will definitely have an impact on the way we organize our (cyber) security, not in the least due to its potential for malicious use. Moreover, co-founder & CMO of the fast-growing cybersecurity company Darktrace, Emily Orton, could provide valuable insights.

Healthy Society

The Next Web’s Offside track exhibits how technology will change and diversify the sports industry. With themes ranging from the emergence of ‘cyborg athletes’ to the birth of new, technology-augmented sports, this track will surely pique the curiosity of health-minded visitors. Also not to be missed: a talk by Ron Faris, Nike’s Digital Studio manager.

Trusted Society

Although only accessible on an invite-only basis for industry-leaders, The Assembly speaker line-up looks poised to discuss the more abstract matters such as trust and ethics in technology. One of the prominent speakers is Cassie Kozyrkov, Chief Decision Scientist for Google. With the recent, well-publicized Cambridge Analytica scandal that plagued Facebook still fresh in everyone’s minds, the tech industry will be looking for ways to redeem itself, so expect to see some of the more contentious topics discussed here.

Future Workforce

The contents of The Future of Work track almost seamlessly overlap with KPMG’s Future Workforce theme, so for anyone interested in our changing ways of working attending this track is a no-brainer. The themes range from offices of the future to interacting with employee data, so the track is rather broad and diverse.

Circular Economy

One could argue that until now, technology has played a mostly detrimental role in the preservation of our planet. How do we ensure that the next great advancements will impact issues such as resource scarcity and climate change positively? The Future Generations track of the conference is your guide to the questions the children of our children will face. And, given the ever-growing population of the earth, these questions will be serious. For more on the world’s growing population, perhaps the talks by Tinder CEO Elie Seidman or Didier Rappaport of Happn could be enlightening…

Smart Financials

For many, the rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is a strong indicator that the way we interact with money is subject to change. However, as promising as this new technology is, it will still have to overcome some serious hurdles before mass adoption is truly possible. The Hard Fork track will guide you to everything crypto, from Initial Coin Offering to crypto’s backed by banks.

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