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Third Party Intelligence

Third Party Intelligence

Responding proactively to third party risks

Responding proactively to third party risks

With supply chains becoming more and more integrated, your dependency on third parties increases. Economic insecurities, geopolitical threats and financial influences; how do you prevent risks associated with third parties from influencing your business? Third Party Intelligence is a solution that identifies (potential) threats and provides options for responding to them proactively.

Third Party Intelligence mitigates the risks involved in doing business with suppliers. A dashboard provides insight into historical, current and future risks associated with suppliers your company works with. It analyses threats in the supply chain enabling you to avoid reputation damage and loss of turnover.

By collecting financial data, identifying risks in countries where you operate and reporting specific vulnerabilities, you remain updated about major risks and developments before they can affect your business. Moreover, the intelligence you gather improves your negotiating position.

Third Party Intelligence makes KPMG’s knowledge and expertise available for your organization. Together we compile score cards that show which specific risks and KPIs are relevant for your organization, enabling us to provide you with tailor-made recommendations concerning risk management and mitigating measures.

How will your organization benefit from Third party Intelligence?

  • By being able to understand at a glance currents risks associated with suppliers. 
  • By mitigating risks in the supply chain and thus preventing damage.
  • It will improve your negotiating position.
  • By being able to intervene proactively in potentially risky situations.
  • By providing a solution that fits your organization’s specific needs.

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